People may think it is weird or unnatural to have a colonic procedure...
and in a perfect world that might be true...

we ate a natural, unprocessed diet,
we drank only water for hydration,
our world was not full of unnatural chemicals,
and we didn't have the unprecedented stress of modern daily life.

our bodies could function the perfect way they were designed to.

Unfortunately, the world our bodies were designed to function in, no longer exists. 

Colon Hydrotherapy is an essential part of any systematic detoxification program or for anyone with a history of digestion issues, especially poor elimination.

When properly performed in a safe, hygenic setting by an experienced and qualified (licensed) professional, Colon Hydrotherapy is an invaluable tool in maintaining optimal health and function.

Illness and disease don't occur overnight.
Proactive care is a lifetime process that pays great dividends, because health is your only true wealth. 

Read on for some
Great Reasons to Schedule a Treatment!


Constipation is a very good reason to consider the benefits of colon therapy. In my experience, constipation occurs in most people for two reasons.

Physiological: meaning there is some actual physical cause, such as nerve damage from a variety of causes. Prescription medications can also fall into this category.
Lifestyle:  meaning there is something you are doing or not doing that is causing the issue.

The Main Causes Are:

Dehydration:  If you do not have kidney problems, a good rule of thumb is to take your body weight, divide that in half and that is the number of ounces of water you should consume a day. Keep in mind only water is water. Coffee, tea, juce, milk, soda, sports drinks etc. are not water. Anything that contains caffeine, sugar, or alcohol acts as a diuretic and actually makes you lose water. Alcohol is especially dehydrating. Prescription medications can also cause dehydration.

Lack of Fiber:  Most people do not even come close to the RDA (recommended daily amount) of 25gm of fiber per day. Of course, everyone is different, and some individuals may require more. If you are eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods, it should be quite easy to attain this goal.

Lack of Good Bacteria:  There are many reasons why one would be lacking in intestinal flora. Anibiotics, medications, highly refined foods to mention a few. Just eliminating processed foods and sugar isn't enough to restore optimum levels of your good bacteria. A high quality probiotic supplement plus eating a variety of traditionally eaten fermented foods such as miso, kim chi, suerkraut, vegetables, homemade yogurt or kefir, and kombucha tea are essential. 

Lack of Exercise:  Being sedentary does have an effect on how well your bowels move. The more active you are, the better it is for every part of your body, including your intestines.

Stress:  Your intestines are especially responsive to stress or change. Have you ever become constipated after a long trip or a move? There really is a mind-body connection. The secret to improving your mood is also in your gut; the greatest concentration of serotonin, which is involved in mood control, depression, and aggression, is found IN YOUR INTESTINES, NOT IN YOUR BRAIN!


If you want to achieve or maintain vibrant health, you must be proactive about cleansing the toxins from your body. We are assaulted daily by synthetic chemicals that our bodies were never designed to deal with...and we do not deal with them very well. We mostly store them in various cells and tissues...most of us for a lifetime.

That is why colon hydro therapy is so integral when doing any kind of a cleanse.

Whenever you mobilize toxins, they are excreted through our 4 channels of elimination: liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin. The liver is the main organ of detoxification and must dump its toxins out through the intestinal tract. If the toxins are not eliminated in a timely fashion, they will be reabsorbed and have to be dealt with by the other organs of elimination (increasing their burden) or re-stored somewhere else in the body again. 

Fascilitating elimination through the large intestine while detoxifying just makes sense!


I personally feel that doing some type of cleanse every season is a good rule of thumb, even if it's just a week of clean eating, followed by a colonic.

Seasonal cleansing kind of keeps you on track. You feel so good after a cleanse that you really want to eat healthy foods, you have energy to excercise and take of yourself. Then usually after about three months of doing well, old habits start to kick in and we stray into the world of comfort and convenience. We get it, it's so hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle! 


You will not need any type of prep prior to a treatment.

If you have recently; taken atiboiotics or other medications, had an upset stomach, had a bad reaction to something you've eaten...these are all good reasons to consider a treatment.

Colon Hydrotherapy treatments can also help you if you are having trouble with sleep. Healthy gut can lead to better sleep!

REMINDER:  If you are having serious symptoms of gastrointestinal distress such as acute pain, blood in the stool, black tarry stool, stool that looks like coffee grounds, fever or nausea and vomiting, you should see a physician, NOT a colon therapist. 

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